Download Service: Firmware for DM series

"DM System" represents "the digital control system" that has been developed by Narishige.

Last updated: May, 2012

Firmware updates for DM system

Applicable Model

Version history

Version Updated Information
Ver.1.0.0 (Released only factory-based) Feb, 2009 Initial release on DM system
Ver.1.0.2 Jun, 2009
  • Function has partially changed.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Communication protocol has updated to Ver1.1.0.
Ver.1.1.3 (Released only factory-based) Jan, 2010
  • Adds connectable drive module.
  • Function has partially changed.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Communication protocol has updated to Ver1.2.0.
Ver.1.1.4 Apr, 2010
  • Fixed bugs.
Ver.1.1.5 May, 2010
  • Fixed bugs.
Ver.1.2.0 May, 2012
  • Applicable to Remote Controller (DM-OH-2)
  • Applicable to Rotary Controller (DM-OR1-2)
  • Applicable to Card Signal Slots with connector (DM-UE3-3)
  • Function has partially changed.
  • Parameter menu has partially changed.
  • Communication protocol has updated to Ver1.3.0.
  • Communication command has partially changed.

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Preparation for firmware update

Before downloading the firmware update, please have the following materials ready.

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Installing the device driver (If the driver has been installed, this procedure is not required.)

"Device driver" is a software that connects your PC with the control box of DM system.
Device driver is required, which can be downloaded from FTDI's website.

Downloading the required device driver

Device driver supported for each OS can be downloaded from the FTDI website (

Click "Drivers" on left menu, and then, click "VCP." See the list on right menu, and find "FT232R" according to your Operating System, and click the numbered link of "Driver Version" to download.

How to install Device driver

* Membership in the local Administrators group, or equivalent, is the minimum required to complete this procedure.

  1. Unzip the device driver above in any folder.
  2. Connect your computer and Control Box with USB cable.
  3. For the first time the power is on, the device driver starts installing automatically.


    1. See the window of "Found New Hardware Wizard", and click "Next."
    2. Select "Search for the best driver in these locations," and click "Next."
    3. As an option for Search for the best driver in these locations, check "specific location" and click "Next."
    4. Specified location will be asked. Select the folder previously prepared at procedure 1. Choose any file in the folder.
    5. After finding the device driver, click "Next."
    6. Confirm the device driver normally installed.
    7. Next, serial port driver needed to be installed.
    8. Repeat the same procedure from "a" to "f", to install the driver.

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Installing the updating application

"Updating application" is a software that updates the firmware of DM system, which is also called as "BIN file".

If you have installed the old application for update (before Ver.1.1.2,) click "Start" > "Setting" > "Control Panel" > "Uninstall a program" (or "Add or Remove Programs") > "DM SYSTEM Firmware update tool," and uninstall the program. After uninstall is completed, follow the procedure.

  1. Download the firmware of DM System, Version 1.2.0 (filename: in any folder, and then unpack it.
  2. Double click "Setup120jp.msi" and activate the installer.
  3. Install the application according to the instructions displayed.

    * Application must be installed by a user with the administrative right.

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Firmware update procedure

  1. After connecting the Keypad and the Display Unit with the Control Box of DM series, connect your computer and the Control Box of DM series with USB cable.
  2. Select and click "DM System Firmware update tool" from start menu, it starts the application.

    * In default installation, proceed in the order of "Start" > "Program" > "Narishige", and you can find "DM System Firmware update tool" there.

  3. Follow the window message to operate the updating.
  4. If you are updating the firmware for the product other than DMA-1510, configure the setting by referring to the page; "the connecting module setting" from the file downloaded.
    • IF you are using the model, DMA-1510, follow the next step 5, since you don't need to change the setting.
    • IF your settings as well as connecting components have been changed from the default setting due to additional module or change, configure the setting for your changes.
  5. Initialize the parameter settings. Pressing the key on keypads; ("MENU" > "System" > "User data init" > "execute")

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Cautions for downloading the firmware

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! In case the updating operation does not succeed.

If unspecified failure happens, and it aborts the processing of firmware and parameters updating, the updating operation comes to fail. Consequently to this, it may cause that DM system will not be started.

In case the failure happens, start the updating application, and click the "Forced Update" for re-updating.

After clicking the "Forced Update" button, a new window opens, it requires to enter model name and serial number. Refer to the label attached on the body of main product or each unit, type to enter each information.

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DM system Firmware Download

DM system Firmware ver1.2.0


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