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Combining wisdom with wisdom.

Our passion is the creation of unique products.

Challenging the limits of technology, product after product, NARISHIGE remains steadfastly focused on the NEXT generation. The power of creativity and imagination that drives us stems from the promotion of free and broad-minded relationships between people and companies. Our manipulators are a shining example of this fact.

During the development process, which began with a simple early model (No.1 mechanical manipulator/MM-3 type) focusing on micro technology, we made use of knowledge gained from diverse research experience as well as invaluable advice from university academics, and at times, the discussion between creators and users in front of prototype models was very heated. We could describe the "NARISHIGE style" as one of cultivating an open relationship between creators and users, and focusing exclusively on "solving the problem" -breaking through the boundaries of the unknown. At NARISHIGE, something that was just an idea 10 days ago is put into production just 10 days later. This speed is a direct result of the accumulated experience and original technology cultivated since the founding of a company where soft and hard technologies are seamlessly fused-NARISHIGE.

We begin by ascertaining the real requirements of users and then actively engage in joint development to pursue a way of meeting these needs. Through frequent collaboration with leading companies both inside and outside Japan, we strive to create products that are truly groundbreaking. NARISHIGE, which "produces interesting creations", is continually committed to discovering new possibilities in instrumentation engineering technology.

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