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Our aim is perfection!

Together with bioscience researchers, the history of NARISHIGE unfolded.

NARISHIGE places the utmost importance on encountering the unknown and the mysterious. For example, in the early 1950s, while working to manufacture equipment at the request of university research laboratories, we not only lacked the necessary parts, but even lacked suitable materials, resorting, instead, to repeated trial and error. As a result, it was a momentous occasion whenever we discovered the technologies we were seeking, and when we made the impossible possible. In fact, our firm belief and passion to create quality products has become the foundation of NARISHIGE. By experiencing difficulties in making products and overcoming the unknown, we strive to be pioneers that are always moving; always one step ahead. From this perspective, NARISHIGE steadfastly maintains its focus on the next generation, and this drive has led to the development of numerous unique and highly valued products throughout our history.

One example, dating back to 1953, is the microelectrodes method, which gave rise to remarkable advances in electrophysiology. By greatly exceeding the limits of previous technology, we improved the precision of glass capillary tips to 1/10,000mm, and the introduction of "electricity" for the first time in a full-scale instrument for use in physiology was a groundbreaking achievement. This, together with our mechanical micromanipulator, which attracted close attention both within and outside Japan, the name "Narishige" became renowned throughout the world. Then, in 1956, we developed our stereotaxic instruments, which opened several doors to areas previously unknown in medical research. Although they were structured very simply, the performance of these instruments demanded extremely high levels of technology- so mush so, that the quality and precision of these instruments remains unsurpassed even today.

Due to their original design, NARISHIGE's micromanipulators have steadily supported research for over three decades. Starting with a one-axis oil hydraulic micromanipulator in 1969, we eventually succeeded in developing the world's first three-axis oil hydraulic micromanipulator in 1983. To widespread acclaim, we then introduced a joystick device that combined the features of a micromanipulator, and acquired worldwide patents for this technology. In 1988, we developed a three-axis water hydraulic micromanipulator for use in the field of electrophysiology, and in 2005, we addressed the needs of the era by developing a three-axis motorized micromanipulator, indisputably proving us to be international pioneers in micromanipulators. As we think about the micro world of tomorrow, NARISHIGE remains constantly focused on the challenges that lie ahead.

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