NARISHIGE JAPAN -Craftsman for your solutions-


Forward-looking, with originality.

Products are finished using precision technology highly regarded by contemporary craftsmen.

Things that cannot be made by anyone; yet, they can be used easily by everyone. This is an important feature of all NARISHIGE products. While the market is full of products that are "easy and convenient", their craftsmanship tends to be overrated. At NARISHIGE, our products are of a precision that cannot be achieved merely by mechanical processing, and it's not simply accomplished by applying the latest technologies. You see, products that cannot be imitated have a certain essence. These types of products take shape only if there is a creator with solid ideas and an unshakeable sense of purpose, on the basis of the creator's technology and determination, confidence, and satisfaction. We also believe, without a doubt, that up to now, and from here on, the mission of manufacturing is to address the needs of individual users in elaborate detail. And, it is precisely because of this understanding that the value of NARISHIGE products is recognized worldwide. NARISHIGE products cannot be described without considering the skill and intuition of the creator. More than mathematically pursued precision, it is the meticulous and delicate manual work that is most highly regarded in our products, as evidenced by the "Superior Technique Award" awarded to NARISHIGE, in 1983, by the Minister of Labour for contemporary craftsmanship. By understanding the real meaning of craftsmanship and combining it with originality, the NARISHIGE Group will be a leader for the NEXT generation.

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