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NARISHIGE makes dreams possible.

Japan is now a developed country, but following the Second World War, it was one of the poorest countries in the world. In the midst of these difficult times, seeing the figure of a Japanese researcher relentlessly applying his passion to his work left an indelible impression. To this day, that image remains. Is there anything that I can do to assist such enthusiastic researchers? With this question in mind, I began fabricating some experimental equipment by hand, and working together with researchers, incorporated this equipment into laboratory settings in order to improve it. The joy and inspiration I felt when, after repeated improvements made in cooperation with researchers, I managed to complete a fully functional product was unforgettable. In fact, I regard these as the most treasured moments of my life. Over the past half-century, I've lost count of how many pieces of equipment I have produced in this way.

Time passes by, and today most researchers prefer to use ready-made experimental equipment; there are very few researchers who try to fabricate original equipment. At the same time, when I look back over the history of my company, I can see that NARISHIGE has developed tremendously. The fact that researchers from all over the world have come to trust and continue to utilize NARISHIGE equipment brings me great joy. However, today, it is not always possible to realize one's dreams, and looking ahead, regardless of how NARISHIGE moves forward, we will train staff not to forget our original ideals. So, I say to all researchers: Please hold on to your dreams as you pursue your research, and rest assured, NARISHIGE will always work to help you achieve those dreams.

Support suited to individual customers

Serving as a machine shop, the NARISHIGE Group has been manufacturing and supplying large quantities of micromanipulation-related equipment and physiology instruments tailored to the needs of researchers around the world. The many and varied kinds of original NARISHIGE products are all created out of our long-cultivated technology and accumulated expertise, adapted to the unique requirements of individual customers. In order to provide support that is ideally matched to the needs of individual customers, the NARISHIGE Group not only fabricates products for which there is high demand, but also devotes considerable effort to creating products for which demand is not expected to exceed a few units per year. As long as researchers need us, NARISHIGE Group will continue its manufacturing activities, as the machine shop of the world.

Supporting young researchers

For the purpose of giving back to everyone who has helped in the growth and evolution of NARISHIGE, we have established the NARISHIGE Fund, the Narishige Neuroscience Research Foundation, and the Narishige Zoological Science Award - to provide aid to support the research efforts of young scientists in Japan.

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