NARISHIGE JAPAN -Craftsman for your solutions-


We are the Machine Shop of the World.

NARISHIGE provides results for the technological requirements of researchers exploring the mysteries of life, both large and small.

What mechanisms govern the growth and development of life? Our aim is to contribute to the unraveling of these mysteries, if even a little, by offering our technical expertise to the many researchers who are relentlessly exploring them.

Such are the origins of today's NARISHIGE GROUP. To satisfy the many and varied needs of researchers worldwide, NARISHIGE is devoted to supplying a diverse range of micromanipulators and other products, in support of research in zoology, physiology, and biotechnology - with the unwavering commitment to technology and quality the company has maintained since its inception.

The escalating environmental problems we face today, involving global warming, energy, hazardous substances, and resources, are profoundly affecting many forms of life that NARISHIGE considers precious. Even in the face of doubts about the current attitudes and manufacturing practices of global companies, NARISHIGE aims to continue improving quality and producing environment-friendly, safe products, without waste, for both end users and manufacturers alike. And in doing this, NARISHIGE will preserve its strong emphasis on craftsmanship, and continue delivering value to both the community and to life.

Craftsman for your solutions

NARISHIGE Group's uncompromising attitude to the quality and performance of its products is the reason behind the recent global expansion. The wish of the company's founder, Eiichi Narishige, that NARISHIGE "be the machine shop of the world" to assist researchers in realizing their dreams, has been handed down to the younger generations in the expression of the NARISHIGE Group's corporate slogan - "Craftsman for your solutions". Every employee recognizes, is proud of, and cherishes the fact that many of the NARISHIGE Group's products were created through dialogue and collaboration between researchers in Japan and other countries, and that the quality, technology, and performance of these products continue to be refined. The NARISHIGE Group is relentlessly striving to improve quality, so as to deliver more convenient, high-performance products, and help make the dreams of researchers a reality.

Acquiring ISO certification: Entering the world stage

NARISHIGE has acquired ISO certification, with the goal of reducing the rate of claims and defects within the company - by establishing a quality assurance system, enhancing organizational strength, and improving measures to ensure corrective action and quality assurance awareness - and upgrading the skills of the Group as a whole, by means of systematic education and training.

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